A Closer Look at Young Living’s Vitality Line

Have you ever wondered why some essential oils from Young Living are labeled with a white-label? We get asked about them quite a bit so figured we better clear the air on their difference! 


Essential oils labeled with a white label are a part of Young Living’s Vitality line of Dietary Essential Oils. This not so new line of oils includes nearly 50 of our most loved oils that are labeled as dietary supplements to help you know they are safe to ingest. They are the same exact oil you have known and loved for years, always pure, therapeutic grade, now with a dietary label that is compliant with FDA regulations. 


Have you ever picked up a bottle of essential oil from your local food store and read the words, “do not ingest” on the label? We’re willing to bet you have. But you won’t ever have to worry about that when you purchase oils from Young Living’s Vitality line as they have been generally regarded as safe for ingestion. So no need to worry. If it has a white vitality label, you’re good to go! 


The vitality line is broken up into four categories including, Herb, Spice, Citrus, and Supplement, making it easy for you to know which oils you may want to add to your food and drink versus using as a dietary supplement. Which brings us to a really great point, how can you use these vitality oils for ingestion? 


We have three super simple ways we love to use them! 


  1. Simply add a single drop to any beverage. We love adding citrus vitality oils to our water to give it an extra kick with added flavor! *Always be sure to use glass or stainless steel with adding citrus oils to any drink. 
  2. Add of few drops of vitality oil into your cooking to replace common herbs and spices. *But be warned, on single drop goes a long way! No need to add much more than that! 
  3. Mix a few drops of Vitality oil with V6 Vegetable Complex in a veggie capsule and take as a dietary supplement. *We like to make a batch of our favorites in advance and store them in the freezer. 


There really are so many ways your can use and benefit from Young Living’s Vitality line from enhancing flavors in the kitchen to supporting your body from the inside out! If you haven’t given any vitality oils a try, we encourage you to add a few to your order today! 


Be sure to tag us over @theoilerycollective anytime you reach for your vitality favorites, we are always looking for new and fun ways to try them out! 

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