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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good product hack? If you’re anything like us, you are constantly looking for ways to simplify life and having one product that does many jobs sure does the trick. Over the years we’ve found some pretty awesome tried-and-true product hacks that we just know you’re going to love, so prepare to have your minds blown, friends! 


No baby? No problem.

When you shop with Young Living, you in fact do not need to have an actual baby to have a use for our Seedling’s Baby Wipes! Sounds crazy, we know, but instead of cleaning messy faces and dirty bottoms, here are a few other uses for these super versatile wipes: 

  • Dryer sheets: Throw a wipe in your dryer with your clean laundry and let it go to work to reduce static and leave your laundry smelling so fresh and so clean, clean. Bonus – they’re free from the added synthetic fragrances and chemicals found in traditional dryer sheets!
  • Makeup remover: Washing your face with soap and water isn’t always a possibility, especially when you’re traveling or on the go. With a pack of Seedling’s Wipes, you can wipe your face clean in a matter of seconds leaving it feeling fresh and moisturized! 


Goodbye Goo

Why in the actual heck do companies put hard-to-remove stickers on glass and mirrors?? Ugh! This is something that has driven us nuts for years, that is until we discovered the power of Lemon essential oil to remove any and all sticky residues. Simply put a few drops onto the sticky surface, let it sit for a few seconds, and then wipe it clean! Viola – goo be gone! Bonus hack: You can also use Lemon to remove crayon, pen, and even marker stains off of most surfaces. Simply put a few drops of Lemon on a paper towel or rag and wipe clean. You’re welcome! (Note: Always be sure to test surfaces before using Lemon since it’s a very powerful citrus oil.)


Nail Polish No-No

If you are trying to rid your home of harsh toxins, nail polish remover is one of those offenders that just has to go. But then how do you get that worn-out nail polish off? We’re so glad you asked because it’s Lemongrass essential oil to the rescue! Just place a few drops onto a cotton ball and get to work removing that unwanted polish. Easy peasy, Lemongrass squeezy! 


There’s No Crying in Onions!

Raise your hand if cutting onions always make you cry. Yeah, us too. But suffer no more! Take a bottle of Thieves essential oil, remove the lid, and place it on the cutting board while you cut. We dare you to say it didn’t help keep those tears away! 


What’s That Smell?

Garbage cans and dirty shoes leaving your house a bit stinky? Grab a bottle of Purification or Citrus Fresh essential oil, put a few drops onto a cotton round, and stick them inside of trash cans, gym shoes, or anything else offending your nostrils to remove harsh scents and clear the air! 


Deodorant Not Required

Okay, you’re really not going to believe us on this one, but we swear by it! Have you ever gone on a trip and forgot to pack your deodorant? Guilty over here, dang it. If you were smart enough to remember your Thieves Toothpaste, you’re in luck! Simply apply a bit of toothpaste to your underarms and enjoy a fresh minty scent all day long. Sounds crazy, we know, but it works like a charm! 


Not Today, Stains

No matter where we go, stains seem to follow us – especially when you have littles in your life. Ditch those toxic stain sticks and make your own instead! Fill a 10ml roller bottle with Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner and enjoy a super simple way to remove stains on the go before they get set in! 


A Spot of Tea

Feeling under the weather? Simply pour yourself a hot cup of tea and throw in a Thieves Cough Drop for an extra kick of immune-boosting goodness. Genius!


A Little Drop’ll Do Ya

Ever feel like one drop of essential oil is still too much? If you are wanting to add flavor to your food or drink, but one drop seems to be too powerful, simply take a toothpick, stick it in the bottle of oil, and twirl it around in your desired dish or beverage. This is a super-easy way to enjoy the flavor without going overboard, especially with oils like Oregano. Pro-tip: toothpicks are also a great way to get super viscous or “thick” oils like Vetiver out of the bottle!  


Well there you have it, some of our best hacking gems that we hope will serve you well. We love using our Young Living products for a variety of different uses and these hacks have saved us a time or two over the years! We encourage you to give them a try and let us know what you think. If you’ve found some must-share hacks of your own, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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