Travel Must-Haves For Your Summer Getaway

Summertime is finally here and many of us are itching for a vacation, especially after the last few months. Whether you’ve planned a week-long trip or are simply sneaking away for an overnight adventure, be sure to bring Young Living along for the ride! Let’s talk a look at some of our must-have essentials to include on your packing list:


Diffuser: I don’t know about you, but we can’t survive ANY trip without one of our trusty diffusers. From ridding hotel rooms of musty smells to ensuring you get a solid night’s rest, having a diffuser in your suitcase is nonnegotiable in our opinion.  We like to travel with the Sweet Aroma Diffuser because it’s small, portable, and won’t break the bank if you accidentally leave it behind (not that we’d know anything about that…ha!). The portable Orb Diffuser is another great option because it is specially designed to be spill-proof. This makes it an ideal travel companion, especially in the car! Don’t have room for a larger diffuser in your bag? Consider Young Living’s Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser or one of the USB diffusers. If you’re road tripping this summer, grab YL’s Car Vent Diffuser to help the miles fly by!


AromaEase: If motion causes you to go a little green, this is definitely an oil you do not want to leave home without. Apply a drop or two to the back of your neck or just breathe it in straight from the bottle to help rides on planes, trains, automobiles, or boats to be a little more enjoyable! Some other great options to help with motion sensitivity are Ginger, Peppermint, Spearmint, DiGize, and Lavender. Consider making a quick roller with a few drops of carrier oil to apply to wrists, stomach, and the back of the neck or make a capsule with 2 drops of each + carrier oil to take 30 minutes prior to activity. Feel free to experiment to see which combination of these oils works best for you!   


DiGize: Speaking of DiGize, new places often means new and delicious foods. We want you to feel confident to indulge in all the things, so make sure to have this trusty tummy companion to help support your digestion when traveling.  


Peace & Calming: As much as we love to travel, it still seems to comes with occasional stresses. Whether it’s long car rides with restless kiddos or crowded airports with grumpy commuters, you’re going to want to be sure you bring all the Peace & Calming to diffuse travel tensions! 


R.C. and Raven: Different climates can do a number on your sinuses and respiratory system. If your lungs aren’t liking the new air as much as you are, these two oils are great to either apply topically or diffuse! 


Tranquil Roll-On: It’s not always easy to sleep in a new, unfamiliar place. To make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible when on the road, this magical stuff is a great bedtime companion. It comes in a convenient roll-on bottle making it the perfect oil to pack in your overnight bag. Some of our other sleep favs are YL’s SleepEssence supplement, RutaVaLa Roll-On, and Dream Catcher! 


Thieves Essential Oil: Seriously don’t ever travel without this gem, friends. Germs are everywhere, especially hotels and popular tourist spots, so this is going to be a lifesaver. Use in your diffuser or apply it to the bottom of your feet + down your spine on repeat for your entire trip to keep the ickies at bay! 


Thieves Spray: Speaking of Thieves, Young Living has an entire line of products devoted to this exclusive blend. Thieves Spray comes in a small, packable bottle which you can use to spray down every single public surface you come in contact with. Restrooms, shopping carts, restaurant tables, door handles – you name it. If hundreds of people have touched it before you (gross), be sure to spray it down with Thieves Spray before you do!


Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer: Even after you’ve spritzed the entire town in Thieves Spray, you’re still going to want to sanitize up. Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer smells great, won’t dry out your skin, and kills 99.9% of germs you may encounter while traveling. It comes in both a convenient travel 1oz size and a 7.6oz refill bottle, so pack the first in your carry on and the second in your checked bag to make sure you stay germ-free for your entire trip!


AlkaLime: New places, foods, climates, and schedules can really throw your body out of whack. AlkaLime is formulated to help bring everything back to a happy place, so it’s an essential packing list item in our opinion. It helps to balance neutralize acidity and maintain desirable pH in the body which is so needed, especially when traveling. It is available in the regular 8oz bottle, but we love the individual Stick Packs for when you’re on the go. Just stir one pack into 4–6 oz. of water to support your wellness when away from home! (Pro tip: If you’re indulging in the local libations, down a dosage of this before you head to bed to make the morning a little easier to handle!)


Supplements: Whatever supplements you include in your daily routine, this is your friendly reminder to remember to bring them along on your travels. It’s so easy to forget them when they are tucked away in your cabinets, but continuing you take your supplements each day is so crucial to your body operating as it normally would when you’re home. Consider grabbing one of Young Living’s Core Vitality Cases to organize your supplements and easily pack them in your bag!


There honestly isn’t any Young Living product we couldn’t find a use for as we travel this summer season, but these are just a few we simply cannot adventure without. For specific summer essentials to include in your travels, be sure to check out our blog all about our sweet summertime must-haves HEREAre there any products or essential oils you never leave home without? We’d love to know what your travel essentials are in the comments below!

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