Switch and Ditch to Cut Toxins

Rounding out our theme of Spring cleaning with natural products, we can’t forget to mention the toxins lurking in the products we use to keep our homes smelling fresh. Two of the biggest culprits? Air fresheners and scented candles. Both of the products are full of synthetic fragrances which may just be the most common type of toxin in your home. 


Air fresheners and scented candles can emit hundreds of harmful chemicals known to be carcinogens, respiratory and endocrine disrupters, and even reproductive toxicants. All so our home can smell nice? Countless studies have been shown to link these in-home fresheners to allergies, asthma, and so much more. But there’s a better way. You don’t have to sacrifice your health for a sweet-smelling home. 


Diffusing Young Living essential oils allows you to maintain a wonderfully scented without the harsh toxins. Ultrasonic diffusion combines the benefits of a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy all into one. Simply mixing water and a few drops of oil, you’ve created the perfect recipe to allow thousands of microparticles to be dispersed into the air to know only make your home smell amazing, but benefit your body in ways that are healthy and meant for good. 


Diffusing essential oils provides a safe and effective method for purifying the air as the best alternative to air fresheners and scented candles. And even better yet? There are so many diffuser recipes out there designed to help replace those beloved candle scents that we all grew to enjoy so much. And we even have a few to share. 


Anthropology Volcano

5 drops Grapefruit 

5 drops Orange 

4 drops Lime 

3 drops Geranium 

3 drops Blue Spruce 


Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla

5 drops Stress Away 

5 drops Cinnamon Bark 


Aveda Spa

2 drops Ylang Ylang 

2 drops Lavender 

2 drops Rosemary 

2 drops Tangerine 

2 drops Bergamot 

2 drops Peppermint 


If your home is currently full of scented candles and air fresheners and you’ve been concerned about some of the ingredients you’re learning about, we hope this encourages you by pointing out easy, healthy switches you can make without sacrificing a thing! 


It doesn’t have to happen overnight. You don’t have to throw everything away this instance. Simply begging making small changes today that will lead to a huge impact down the road. Start with a diffuser and a few oils and we promise, you’ll be hooked and saying “candle who?” in no time! 


As always, share what you’re diffusing with us by sharing your recipe on Instagram and tagging us, @theoilerycollective! We can’t wait to see what you have diffusing!


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