Small Changes, Big Impact

It’s no secret that at the start of each new year we all start searching for new ways to live life better. Changes to make that serve us better emotionally, mentally, physically, and maybe even spiritually. Small changes that make a big impact on we do life. And we have a little tip for you. 


The best way to do this is to start within the walls of your own home. 


And if you really want us to dish out our best tips, the key to success with these small changes is through essential oils and natural products. 


Wanting to change the energy in your home? Essential oils. Wanting to improve the air quality around you? Essential oils. Wanting to lose weight and gain energy? Essential oils. Wanting to enhance your mental state? Essential oils. Wanting to rid your home of harsh toxins? Essential oils. Wanting to weed out the sleepless nights and grumpy moods? Essential oils. 


Obviously, we can’t change the whole world with essential oils, but we surely can use them without our home to make small changes that create a big impact for ourselves and our families.


One of the easiest places to introduce essential oils into your home is through the kitchen. Simply swap out those dried herbs and reach for Young Living’s Vitality line instead. Add Cinnamon Bark to your favorite bread recipe or Black Pepper to your pot roast, whatever it may be, check to see if it’s available as a Vitality oil, and make the quick switch to see fast results! 


Pro tip: A tiny bit of vitality oil goes a long way. Always start with just a drop and taste as you go! 


Now, what about toxins in our homes? Switching your whole home to be free of harsh chemicals is a huge step that requires a lot of dedication simply because let’s face it, harsh toxins are in so many of our daily products. 


But don’t stress yourself out trying to toss them all at once. Start small. Remember, small changes can make big impacts! 


A great place to start is with your cleaning products. And this one is super easy. Simply throw out every single traditional cleaning product in your home and replace it with Thieves Household Cleaner. That’s it. You just need one powerful, plant-based cleaner to replace all of the rest. There isn’t a surface in your home that can’t benefit from the power of Thieves, making it such an easy switch when starting to ditch harsh toxins! 


Another super small way to make an incredible impact on the well-being of everyone in your home is to start diffusing on a regular, daily basis! It’s not enough to simply diffuse here and there or when company is coming for a visit. Make it a priority to run your diffuser day in and day out all throughout the day. This simple task takes literal seconds to accomplish but can make all the difference for your overall health, well-being, and attitudes. Be sure to check out some of our past blogs for all of the best diffusers recipes! 


From adding vitality oils into your cooking to ditching and switching your cleaning products, all the way to diffusing on a regular basis, these three simple changes in your routine can make a huge impact on you and your family. 


Making changes to better your health doesn’t always have to be grand and demanding of your time. Make an effort to make these small changes and stand back in awe of the big impacts they make on your life! 


What changes are you committed to making today in order to make a difference for tomorrow? 

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