Share the Love: Diffuser Edition

What better way to show your friends and family that you love them than by filling your home with the sweet scents of essential oils? Diffusing is one of our favorite ways to use our oils simply because everyone in the space gets to benefit! This Valentine’s Day, we have a few diffuser recipes that we think your whole family is sure to love! 


Did you know that feelings and emotions are directly tied to scent? Help your loved ones feel all the love this season with a home full of essential oils diffusing through the air! 


Let’s not waste any time and dive right in! 


Candy Hearts 

6 drops Orange EO

4 drops Wintergreen EO

This sweet and invigorating scent is sure to take everyone back to the nostalgic days of Valentine parties and candy hearts and we believe there isn’t much better than that! Just be sure to snack on a few actual candy hearts at the same time in order to get the full effect. 


All You Need is Love

6 drops Ylang Ylang EO

2 drops Patchouli EO

3 drops Orange EO

Set the mood with this spicey blend and fall in love all over again with your significant other. Trust us on this one! 


Happy and in Love 

6 drops Joy EO

4 drops Graperuit EO

This sweet scent is sure to make you feel all the happy vibes this Valentine’s season! You can even throw this duo in a roller bottle and roll it on your forearms for a happy little perfume! 


Valentine’s Date Night

2 drops Rosemary EO

2 drops Cinnamon EO

2 drops Ylang Ylang EO

2 drops Patchouli EO

4 drops Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood EO

If you really want to spice things up, set the mood with this decadent Date Night blend, and thank us later! 


Cozy Up

4 drops Orange EO

4 drops Lime EO 

2 drops Joy EO

Cozy up by a warm fire with a good book or your favorite movie and show yourself some love with this blend that is sure to give you all the good vibes and happy feelings! 


No matter that you decide to diffuser this Valentine’s Day, just be sure to diffuse! We say it all the time, but you can never go wrong with filling your home with scents that work to benefit your body! There really is no better way to spread love than to toss in some essential oils and get to diffusing! 


We’d love to see what love potions you’re brewing, so be sure to tag us @theoilerycollective over on Instagram so we can share in the love! 

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