Set Up For Success in 2022

Happy New Year! We are so excited for another round of new beginnings in 2022! We just love this time of year to reset and reflect and set our sights on success as we flip over to a brand new calendar and that is exactly what we wish from you in the new year! 


To help you kick your new year off with success, we are setting you up with an entire year of success centered diffuser blends to help you make the most of each and every month in 2022. 


But before we dive into those blends, let’s take a look at our favorite oils to help promote those same feelings of success and well being, shall we?


Looking to inspire success in the new year? Grab a bottle of Bergamot and inhale a few deep breaths of that sweet, citrus scent. 


Focused on prosperity for the months to come? A few drops of Cinnamon Bark on your wrists and inner akles will do just the trick! 


Hoping for protection in 2022? Basil is a must have. Drop a few drops in your diffuser and enjoy the fresh, invigorating scent while you feel a sense of protection and security. 


Needing to clear the air of negativity? It’s no secret that Sage is what you need. Diffuse a few drops into the air and let go of those bitter, negative feelings! 


And now, let’s get back to that idea of success all year long with 12 diffuser blends designed to set the bar high with your eye on the prize! 



4 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

4 drops Peppermint

2 drops Rosemary

1 drop Tea Tree



4 drops Ylang Ylang

4 drops Tangerine

2 drops Cedarwood



3 drops Tangerine 

2 drops Purfication 

2 drops Spearmint

3 drops Lemongrass



3 drops Lavender

3 drops Lemon

3 drops Peppermint 

2 drops Copaiba 



3 drops Eucalyptus (of choice)

3 drops Lemon

2 drops Patchouli 

1 drop Frankincense 



4 drops Lemon 

3 drops Rosemary

3 drops Grapfruit



3 drops Cirus Fresh

3 drops Black Pepper

3 drops Peppermint 



4 drops Wintergreen

4 drops Pine

2 drops Citronella 



5 drops Peppermint

4 drops Sacred Frankincense

2 drops Lavender 



4 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce 

4 drops Clove

3 drops Valor 



3 drops Nutmeg

2 drops Ginger

2 drops Clove

2 drops Orange 



5 drops Christmas Spirit

3 drops Pine

3 drops Peppermint 


With diffuser blends as amazing as these, you can’t help but set your sight on success in the new year. Jot these down or print this blog to save these blends for an entire year. We are anxious to see how your mindset shifts when you diffuse these blends while focusing on success all year round. 


Be sure to tag us on Instagram @theoilerycollective each month as you shoot for success and breathe in these delicious blends! We can’t wait to hear how they support you throughout 2022! 

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