Routine to Carry into the New Year

Who doesn’t love a new year to start new rhythms and routines? It’s honestly our favorite time of year and we love to use our essential oils and Young Living products to help set us up for the best year yet! 


What new routines are you adding to your days this year? Do they include essential oils? Mind if we suggest a few ways to make sure they do? 


You may already be doing all three of these things in your day-to-day (keep that up), but if you haven’t yet, we encourage you to spend this new year reaching for your oils on a daily basis! Here’s how you can easily carry new routines in the new year: 


1. Diffuse all day, every day. 

Run your diffuser when you first wake up, refill it when it shuts off, and fill it again before bed! It truly doesn’t even matter what you choose to diffuse, your body will know what to do with whatever you offer it! Just simply make a promise to yourself that you will diffuse continually throughout your day. This will help to lift spirits and calm attitudes, making your home or office space the perfect peaceful oasis. 


Pro tip: Leave a glass or pitcher of water beside every diffuser for easy filling! 


2. Add Vitality oils to food or drink. 

A new routine we could all benefit from is drinking more water throughout the day. Are we right? Make your water more enjoyable and add a tasty punch by adding a drop of your favorite Vitality oil. You can also add them in when you’re cooking and baking as a substitute or extra kick to your favorite dish! 


3. Apply oils to your body. 

Whether you’re making roller bottles or whipping up creams, just be sure to use your oils topically to get an added benefit. A don’t forget that the best practice is to use them with a carrier oil, like coconut or jojoba oil, in order to protect your skin. Applying oil topically is like walking around with your own personal diffuser while they go to work in your body and we can’t think of anything better than that! 


It may seem like a lot to keep track of now, but we promise, when you make using your essential oils a part of your daily habits, it truly does become second nature and you start to use them without even realizing it!


We would love to see how you’re using your oils in your daily routines so be sure to tag us on Instagram The Oilery Blog 10/12: Stock Up for Fall -Part 2


Now, go grab some oils and get to oiling! It really is that simple!  

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