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Can I use essential oils for pregnancy? What about for my baby? Are they safe for my children?

These seem like hot topic questions and ones I get asked a lot, so I want to help put your mind to ease. I have personally used essential oils during my pregnancy with my daughter, on her as a baby, and I currently use them on all of my children, big and small. So let’s talk about how to do it safely, shall we?

Essential oils  + Pregnancy

I get it. When you’re pregnant, you’re begging for more sleep, more comfort, more normalmacy, and more of everything good in this world. And you’ve heard so many people tell you that essential oils can help, but are they safe?

When using high quality oils from a trusted company like Young Living, essential oils and pregnancy can be a very safe practice and something I used on a regular basis. Mild essential oils like Lavender and Frankincense were so helpful for me to keep my skin and attitude healthy. They can be added to lotions and carrier oils or even thrown in the diffuser for the whole family to enjoy. Inhaling the sweet scent of Peppermint was a game changer every morning, afternoon, or evening. Whenever the nausea struck. Peace and Calming in the diffuser each night made for a super relaxing nighttime routine that we still practice today! Staying hydrated and using vitality oils like Lemon or Spearmint was a super easy way to help me drink all the water possible. And filling the air with all the peace and calm was a total win for the whole family. Essential oil blends like Valor and Stress Away were perfect for keeping things refreshed in our home. 

Even though there are many Young Living essential oils that are perfectly safe to use throughout your pregnancy, there are a few oils that should be avoided:

  • Sage
  • Idaho Tansy or Hyssop
  • Fennel
  • Wintergreen
  • Peppermint (internally throughout pregnancy and not at all during 3rd trimester)
  • Blends and supplements that contain these oils

Essential oil use during pregnancy is something you should always discuss with a medical professional that is well-versed in the usage of pure, high quality essential oils. Please be sure to have a conversation with your doctor before starting an essential oil routine with a bun in your oven! 

Essential Oils + Babies

Essential oils are beneficial for every member of your family, especially your newest additions. Babies can benefit from the use of pure, high quality oils just as adults can, but it is important to know proper use and dilution for their sensitive systems. A great way to first introduce your baby to essential oils is to simply wear them on your own body and clothing. Gentle oils and blends like Lavender, Gentle Baby, and Peace and calming can help promote a peaceful, calming effect and what new mama doesn’t need more of that in her life? Adding a drop or two into a diffuser can also be very beneficial. The Seedlings Calm blend is a fan favorite in our home, even for my bigger kiddos. Young Living even has an entire line of essential oil infused baby products. The Seedlings line includes lotion, diaper cream, shampoo, body wash, baby wipes, baby oil, and even a linen spray. All infused with Young Living’s pure essential oils created with the health and safety of your baby in mind. Young Living essential oils are very concentrated and not intended to be ingested by babies and proper dilution of each oil is always recommended. Be sure to consult with a trusted medical professional well versed in the use of pure essential oils before using them for your baby. 

Essential Oils + Children

If you ask me, essential oils should come in every parent’s survival kit. We have been using oils for our kids for over six years and they have been such a game changer for us! We prepare them for the day with oils like Thieves, Lavender, Peace and Calming, and any other oils their bodies may need. Our favorite way to use them is to apply them diluted on their skin or in the diffuser. We also love using the KidScents line of oils, formulated just for kids and their ever changing needs! GeneYus is an oil we are always sure to have on hand to help keep them focused for the day. My kids are also sure to get their daily dose of Ningxia and other KidScent supplements to support their systems and keep them running full speed ahead. As with any essential oil use, it’s important to dilute oils for age appropriate use and always consult with a medical professional familiar with essential oil usage! 

Using essential oils in your home and on your family doesn’t have to be hard or scary. That’s why I’m here. To guide you, to teach you, and to help you to feel empowered in your everyday oil use. To get started and grab your oils, click HERE!

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