Diffuser Blends to Promote Positivity

Pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 had moments where positivity wasn’t exactly the first thing on our minds, right? But with a new year and new perspectives, we think a few positive vibes could do us all a lot of good! You may be thinking, “How is a change in the calendar suddenly going to help make things more positive around here?” We get it. There is no magic in this new year per se, but there is magic inside of YOU and we have a few diffuser blends that will for sure help pull that positivity right out of your soul! Let’s take a peek at some of our favorites:


Positive Energy

5 drops Bergamot EO

5 drops Orange EO

3 drops Eucalyptus Radiata EO

You simply cannot go wrong when mixing delicious citrus oils with the sweet scent of Eucalyptus. It’s Science. Or something like that. Give this blend a try and dare to tell us it didn’t bring you a bit of positive energy! 


Happy Hippy Vibes

4 drops Tangerine EO

3 drops Lavender EO

2 drops Lime EO

2 drops Spearmint EO

Citrus and mint may just be our favorite diffuser combo ever and this gem of a blend is sure to give you all the happy vibes, helping to create that positive atmosphere we know you’ve been craving! 


Fresh Perspective 

4 drops Lime EO

3 drops Purification EO

2 drops Peppermint EO

1 drop Lemongrass EO 

Rid your home or office of anything negative still lingering from the past year and offer your space a fresh perspective with this sweet and invigorating scent that is sure to give you all the positive vibes! 


Think Positive Thoughts 

4 drops Myrrh EO

4 drops Eucalyptus Radiata EO

4 drops Lemon EO

A very unsuspecting blend, but one we know will help you make a mindset shift and think all of those positive thoughts! Give it a try today and let us know what you think! 


No matter what you throw in your diffuser this year, we know that it will benefit your body in a positive way, but if you’re looking for some inspiration for positive vibes flowing throughout your home or office, be sure to reach for a few of these recipes and allow yourself to melt into a positive oasis! And as always, be sure to give them a try and tag us on Instagram at @theoilerycollective to let us know what you think! Hopefully, they’ll leave you thinking happy, positive thoughts! 

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