New Year Routines

We’re not sure where the time has gone but somehow another new year is upon us! And with each and every new year comes the commitment to new routines and resolutions. 


But we totally understand how hard those new routines can be to keep. That’s why we want to help you create new rhythms that are easy to stick with that promote health and wellbeing all year through, not just at the start of the year! 


And what better way to do that than to adopt new routines with essential oils? With just a few minutes a day, you can introduce actions and habits that set you up for success each any every day! 


First up: Diffusing! 


Simply diffusing oils into your home, car, or office can help to lift your spirits, enhance your mood, and encourage wellness within your whole body. 


At the start of every morning, we want to encourage you to fill your diffuser with your favorite oils and get to diffusing! A super-easy way to ensure you stick to this routine is to leave a pitcher of water beside your diffuser. This makes it easy to fill up and turn on in a matter of seconds. The time you take to stick to this routine will make an incredible impact on your entire day! 


Next up: Use your oils topically! 


We get it, it’s easy to forget to use your oils. With everything on your to-do list from day to day, it’s easy to leave this out of your routine. But we want to encourage you to take about 30 minutes at the start of every month to mix up your favorite oils in roller bottles and leave them in places you will be sure to see them and oil up! 


We suggest using a total of 30 drops of oil per 10ml roller bottle and filling the rest with your favorite carrier oil! You can search this blog to find a ton of roller recipes that will promote health and wellbeing or you can stick to the standard blends that you already know and love. 


Whatever you do, just be sure you’re staying oiled all day long! 


Finally: Add vitality oils into your water! 


A great routine to adopt in the new year is to drink more water! I think we all can admit we could use more H2O in our day and adding vitality oils is a great way to help you do that! 


Simply grab a spice rack, stock it with your favorite citrus or mint vitality oils, and add a drop or two into your water every time you reach for a drink. This helps to add flavor to your water as well as incredible added benefits from whatever oil you are using! Just be sure to use a stainless steel or glass cup to ensure you don’t get any toxins leached out from the strength of the oils! 


These three easy tips are a great way to help you start new routines in the new year that will add incredible value to your entire year! 


Let us know how you’re using and loving your oils each and every day by tagging us on Instagram @theoilerycollective! We love to see what you’re up to and gain new ideas on how to incorporate new oil routines into our days as well! 


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