New Terms in Town

Have you heard the news? There are some new terms in the Young Living world and we want to help you understand exactly what they mean. And while it’s out with the old and in with the new in terms of verbiage, rest assured that nothing is changing with the amazing oils and products you’ve come to love! 


So first things first – there is now a new terminology distinction between those doing the Young Living business and those just purchasing and loving the products. Any member who has done one of these four things below from June 1, 2020–July 12, 2021 at 11:30pm MT will have joined the new Brand Partner group:

• Enrolled someone with Young Living
• Earned a check from Young Living
• Achieved the rank of Star or higher
• Purchased a business tool from Young Living
The term Brand Partner simply means you are building a business with Young Living. From this point forward, members who want to start the business side will need to purchase a Business Essentials Kit to be classified as a Brand Partner. Any members who are not doing the business will now be designated as Customers in the Young Living system and will still enjoy all the great benefits as before including their 24% discount!


Remember Essential Rewards? This is Young Living’s incredible monthly auto-ship program which allows you to purchase your favorite products while earning free gifts and points. It’s still here and as great as ever, but is now just called Subscribe to Save! The biggest change to this program is the processing time. Orders used to process at 11:59 pm on the date you set, but they now process at 12:00 am on your set date. This allows Young Living a whole 24 extra hours to get your order out and on to you as fast as possible. Joining Subscribe to Save is of course always optional, but if you’re placing regular orders for your Young Living favorites, it only makes sense to be earning free products and points from your purchases! 


Speaking of earning points, you will still be earning points on your monthly order which you can spend like cash whenever you like! However, they will now be referred to as Loyalty Rewards Points rather than Essential Rewards/ER Points. Same great points, just a fancy new name! And don’t forget that the longer you subscribe to save, the higher the percentage of Loyalty Rewards you earn back! 


Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention the monthly PV promos we all know and love. These are the products Young Living gives us for free each month when we place a certain amount per order. We’ve created a pretty incredible stash of oils and products simply by earning them for free on this program! This great bonus certainly isn’t going away, it just simply has a new name as well. You’ll now hear them referred to as Gifts with Purchase which you can actually earn twice per month – once on a regular Shop Now order and once on Subscribe to Save. And we can promise you don’t want to miss out on these free gifts each and every month because they’re always amazing! 


Moral of the story is don’t let these new terminology changes scare you. Everything you know and love about Young Living is staying exactly the same, it’s simply getting a new spin on branding and terminology. Hopefully you’re a bit more clear on the changes and ready to move forward with confidence!

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