Lucky Spring Diffuser Blends

March is finally here and with warming temperatures and spring on the way for us Northern Hemisphere folks, we sure are feeling lucky! How about you? We think you’ll agree that spring is a welcome change after a long winter, so we’re ready to say goodbye to the chilly months and welcome in spring with some festive diffuser blends! It’s no coincidence that March is the month of sunshine, rainbows, and good luck, so why not fill our homes with some cheerful scents that leave us feeling pretty lucky to be using the best essential oils around. Enjoy these cheery blends morning, noon, and night! 


Luck is in the Air

4 drops Spearmint

5 drops Lime 

This sweet, citrus blend will leave you feeling lucky to be alive by adding some pep in your step and a wee bit of extra energy to your morning routine. Be sure to add this to your diffuser each morning to start the day off right! 


Lady Luck

3 drops Orange

3 drops Peace & Calming

2 drops Lemon

2 drops Lime

This delicious, relaxing blend is sure to make you feel peaceful and calm. It’s perfect for diffusing once the afternoon chaos hits your household to keep everyone from running wild!


Sunshine and Rainbows

4 drops Grapefruit

2 drops Spearmint

1 drop Lime

1 drop Geranium

Sunshine and rainbows are sure to head your way when you throw this blend of citrus and mint into your diffuser. We dare you not to smile and picture your diffuser as a pot of gold as soon as you start diffusing! 


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

5 drops Peace and Calming 

4 drops Tangerine

2 drops Stress Away

Melt away somewhere over the rainbow as you drift into dreamland with this peaceful blend. This is perfect to diffuse before bed in order to luck out on a good night’s sleep! 


Lucky Charms

5 drops Stress Away

3 drops Valor

2 drops Vanilla

Try not to get too hungry as this blend gives you all the Lucky Charm vibes! It is sure to help you feel relaxed and energized all the same time. We suggest diffusing this when you need to get work done without feeling overwhelmed. What a lucky blend for sure! 


So which blend will you be tossing in your diffuser first? Whatever you choose, we hope these leave you feeling ready for spring with a little luck on your side as you dream of the sunshine days ahead! And as always, we want to know what you’re diffusing, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @theoilerycollective. Happy March, friends!

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