Love Languages and Essential Oils

With the celebration of love right around the corner, prepare to shower your loved one with exactly what they desire this Valentine’s Day! 


If you have spent any time diving into love languages you know that there are five distinct ways that people show and receive love and what better way to speak your partner’s language than to offer essential oils or oil infused product made just for them?


Let’s dive into the five love languages and highlight an essential oil or product specific for that language and get you earning gift giver of the year, shall we?


Words of Affirmation

Snag a Feelings Kit for your loved one that receives love through words of affirmation. Write out six things you love about them and remind them to speak those six affirmations over themselves everytime they apply the oils in the kit. Not only will this help them to be reminded of your love for them, the essential oils in this kit are designed to help them manage those big feelings they face on a regular basis. They will surely be feeling the love with this gift! 


Quality Time

Head to your Young Living Shopping cart and toss in your favorite herbal tea from our collection of essential oil infused tea packs. Set up an in home tea party for two with snacks, tea, and few hours of quality time to simply relax and spend time together. We have a feeling this will be quality time they will never forget! 


Physical Touch

We have the perfect gift for all of the valentines out there that love physical touch! Simply purchase a Rain Drop Technique Kit and offer to give your loved one the best massage they’ve ever reveived. You don’t need to be a massage therapist to know how to give this message! The Rain Drop kit comes with all of the essential oil and massage oils you need, along with a step by step guide on how to give the massage. Your loved one will walk about not only feeling like a million bucks, but they’ll also feel seen by you in a way they maybe never have before. And what greater gift than you give than that? 


Receiving Gifts

This is an easy. Simply shop your Young Living and buy them a gift. From bath bombs to lotions to scrubs and everything in between, Young Living has a variety of options to help your loved one pamper themselves from head to toe. And don’t just stop there. Once you’ve put a care package together for them, be sure to provide them some alone time to enjoy it! Run then a hot bath, light some candles, set them up with a good book and tell them you have everything else handled! It’ll be one of the best gifts they’ve ever received! 


Acts of Service 

Grab your loved one a new diffuser and a few of their favorite essential oils and make it a part of your daily routines to always refill and run the diffuser for them. Such a simply task met with great intention will not only lighten the moods and lift the spirits in your home, it will go such a long way in showing your loved one that you care for them and want to serve them well. 


No matter how you show your love this season, just be sure to show it! You don’t need a holiday or an excuse to spread love, but it’s always fun to make it extra special every time this holiday comes around! And there truly is no better way to love someone than to shower them in essential oils!

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