Love is in the Air

Even though the official day of “love” has now come and gone, we still sense that feeling of love in the air. Can you feel it? Is it still there for you too? 


We sure hope so! Love shouldn’t just last for one day, love should be all around us every second of every day and the good news for you is that it totally is! Love is all around all the time. Sometimes you just need some delicious scents floating throughthe air to help remind you of it. 


And even more good news for you, we have the perfect set of diffusers blends that will help to lift your spirits and remind you of the love that truly is all around us. 


So grab your diffuser, a handful of oils and fall in love with these sweet and savory scents! 


Love is in the Air

5 drops Cinnamon Bark 

3 drops Orange 

3 drops Lemon 


Love Actually 

6 drops Joy 

5 drops Orange 


Love Struck

4 drops Clary Sage 

4 drops Ylang Ylang 

2 drops Lavender 


Love Potion #9

4 drops Grapefruit 

4 drops Lemon 

4 drops Spearmint 


Can’t Help Falling in Love

5 drops Frankincense 

3 drops Myrrh 

3 drops Cinnamon Bark 


What are you planning to try first? You really can’t go wrong with any of them and we hope they all leaving you with that loving feeling! Share what you’re diffusing on your Instagram today and be sure to tag us @theoilerycollective so we can enjoy it right along with you! 

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