Lets talk about the Essential Oil called Valor 

With over 200 essential oil blends and singles to choose from, how could you possibly know what oil to use for what need? Well, that’s where we come in! Each month, we highlight one of our favorite Young Living essential oils in order to help you learn more about all of the options from our extensive line! Today lets talk about the Essential Oil called Valor!

But don’t worry, you don’t need to know all there is to know about every single oil in order to feel confident to start using them! Simply start with the one that sounds appealing to you and go from there! Today’s highlight oil is truly one of our all-time favorites.

That’s right – let’s talk about Valor! Valor essential oil blend is one of our most popular products and a favorite of founder, D. Gary Young, so you truly know it’s a good one. Its woodsy, positive scent comes from a blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense making it great for massages, in addition to other topical and aromatic uses.

We love to use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude or to unwind at the end of the day. Its powerful yet calming scent is versatile enough that you can integrate it into your morning and bedtime routines and anywhere in between. But how else can you incorporate it into your daily routine? Great question! 


  1. Simply diffuse it with Peace and Calming and watch as your entire home appears to have taken a “chill pill.”
  2. Apply a drop on the bottom of big toes to keep those snoring bears in your life from snoring you out of sleep! Totally no judgment if you’re the snoring bear! 
  3. Apply to the wrists and back of next to fight those feelings of stress and anxiety. Be sure to breathe in the sweet scent for ultimate peace and calm. 
  4. Apply to areas of tension for much-needed relief!


Regardless of how we are using it, simply put, valor is the oil that makes us brave. It calms us down and empowers us to do the tough stuff! What area of your life could you use a little bravery for? Share how you’re loving it with us over on Instagram at @theoilerycollective! We can’t wait to hear how you’re doing brave things in a healthy way!

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