Last Minute Gift Giving

Listen, we’ve all been there. Just a few days before Christmas and you realize you totally forgot a gift for Aunt Suzie or your daughter’s teacher. It’s nothing to feel bad about and it’s certainly nothing to stress over because we’ve got you covered! 


With just a few ingredients you probably already have in your home and some Young Living Essential Oils, you can whip up the best last-minute gifts for anyone on your list! Even the ones you forgot all about! 


These 3 quick and easy DIY recipes are sure to help save the day and make anyone on your list feel special! 


All is Calm Roll-On


What you’ll need: 


+10ml roller bottle

+Lavender EO

+Stress Away EO

+Carrier oil of choice


What you’ll need to do:


+Add 10 drops Lavender EO to roller bottle. 

+Add 15 drops Stress Away EO to roller bottle. 

+Top with carrier oil. 

+Apply lid and turn to mix ingredients 


That’s it! Just 3 minutes later you have a thoughtful gift of peace and calming that anyone can enjoy! 


Deck the Halls Room Spray 


What you’ll need: 


+2 oz. spray bottle 

+Pine EO

+Vanilla EO

+Witch Hazel

+Distiller water


What you’ll need to do:


+Add 10 drops Vanilla EO to spray bottle. 

+Add 5 drops Pine EO to spray bottle. 

+Add ½ ounce of Witch Hazel. 

+Top with distilled water. 

+Apply cap, shake, and enjoy! 


This is such an easy way to help your loved ones deck the halls and make their home smell wintery fresh all season long! 


Spices Bath Salts


What you’ll need: 


+Small glass jar with an airtight lid

+Thieves EO

+Orange EO

+Epsom salts


What you’ll need to do:


+Fill jar with Epsom salts. 

+Add 10 drops Thieves EO. 

+Add 5 drops Orange EO.

+Apply lid, shake and enjoy.

Who wouldn’t love the delicious scent of Thieves and Orange as they hop into a nice warm bath to relax after a crazy holiday season? Not to mention all the benefits their body will receive from these two powerhouse oils! 


And there you have it! Three of the easiest, most thoughtful gifts you can whip up last minute this Christmas! 


Give these recipes a try and be sure to tag us over on Instagram! We always love seeing what you’re up to! 

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