Just Roll With It

No matter what this summer season brings your way, we’re here to help you just roll with it. (Pun intended!) One of our favorite ways to use essential oils is to make custom rollers that we can grab on the go for easy application. Before we get to a few of our favorite summer essential roller recipes, let’s start with some simple basics to help you find success with making your own custom blends! 


Most empty roller bottles can be found online through shops like Etsy and traditionally come in a 10ml size. We suggest using around around 30 drops of essential oils in these types of rollers and filling the rest with a carrier oil of your choice. Grape seed or jojoba are great options, but we suggest grabbing Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex on your next order! Once you’ve added your essential oils to your bottle and topped it with carrier oil, attach the roller top, turn back and forth gently to mix, and then just apply to the desired area on your body. See, we told you it really is that simple! 


Now let’s roll on to the good stuff with our favorite summer roller recipes: 


Summer Blooms

15 drops Vanilla

10 drops Lavender

5 drops Tangerine


Sunshine in a Bottle

10 drops Frankincense

15 drops Lemon

5 drops Juniper


Summer Garden

10 drops Orange

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Rose


Serenity Now

5 drops Lemon

5 drops Thieves

20 drops Citrus Fresh


Walking on Sunshine

15 drops Grapefruit

10 drops Joy

5 drops Rosemary


Each and every one of these roller blends is intended to brighten your spirit and lift your mood all summer long. The season is just too short to spend it feeling gloomy, so be sure to reach for one of these recipes any time you need an extra pep in your step. We also love that they double as beautifully scented perfumes keeping you fresh all season long! 


NOTE: The recipes above were created for a 10ml roller, so be sure to adjust your drop amount if you’re using a different sized bottle. If your rollers will be stored in a place with lots of light (especially direct sunlight), be sure to go with amber glass bottles to keep your essential oils protected.


As always, we would love for you to give these a try and share your favorite with us over on Instagram by tagging us @theoilerycollective. We cannot wait to hear what you think and happy rolling! 

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