June’s Gift With Purchase

“Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime, summertiiiiiiiime!” Whether or not your an oldies fan, hopefully you’re singing this tune as you imagine the fruity drinks, water fun, and longer days of oh-so-sweet summer! Since many of us we be out in the sun and enjoying the outdoors, June’s gift with purchase oils are the perfect companions as we head into summer.

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Ok, now lets get to the amazing lineup you can earn for FREE this month!


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Speaking of freshness, Eucalyptus Globulus can help brighten a day in your diffuser or how you use it around the house. Plus, if you need a comforting chest rub to help you relax and rejuvenate, a few drops with a carrier oil and you’ll be taking deep breaths and feeling renewed.
• Invite the outdoors in. Diffuse this oil for a scent that will remind you of a summer day in the garden, even if you’re just doing the laundry.
• Freshen up your space. For a sunshine scent in the kitchen or bathroom, place a few drops on a cotton ball and put it in the bottom of the trash can before replacing the liner.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an Essential/Loyalty Rewards EXCLUSIVE oil – a little something special for the people enrolled in this great program. So we say stock up on your monthly order items plus a few summer essentials to get this amazing oil for free with your order this month!


We all know the wonders of Citronella, so getting a big bottle for summer never hurts. DIY outdoor sprays, crisp, refreshing diffuser blends. You’ll get your money’s worth out of this bottle all summer long. Diffuse it with citrus oils for a bright, fresh scent in your home!
• Dive into summertime adventure! Make a DIY outdoor spray blend of Citronella with oils like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Myrtle, Clove, or Lemongrass and spritz it at sporting events or while camping.
• Add a twist to skin care. Combine Citronella with sunscreen for a light, bright aroma that will make you even more ready to embrace the warm sunshine!


Hikes. Swimming all day. Sand volleyball. Walking back and forth from inside and outside making sure the kids aren’t hurting each other too bad. All of it can work up a sweat or get your muscles feeling some type of way. Aroma Siez is a great blend for bringing a bit of soothing relief and helping you relax after a busy day.
• Enjoy some post-adventure aromatherapy. Combine a few drops of Aroma Siez with V-6 to boost a post-hike massage. Massage therapy + aromatherapy = relaxation time!
• Take a sensory journey on the go. Add a few drops of Aroma Siez to a car diffuser for a summer-ready scent between visits to the farmers market and dropping off kids at swim lessons.


A bedtime (or nap time) must have, Peace & Calming is likely well known to you, but there’s also the added benefit of adding a drop or two to your nighttime skincare routine! Helps keeps your skin looking and feeling great but also helps you calm down at the end of a day, even if there’s been excitement all around. Plus, a 15-ml bottle? Jackpot!
• Up your skin game. Add a drop of Peace & Calming to your nightly lotion to pamper your skin after a day in the sun.
• Treat your pores. Make a soothing skin spray with 2 ounces of water and 10 drops of Peace & Calming and spritz on skin at night to refresh dry skin.

What are your summer plans this year? What oils will you be taking along for the ride? Let us know in the comments below and we hope everyone has an amazing first official month of summer!

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