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Summer break is such a fun time, isn’t it? Hopefully you’ve all had a great start to your summer and are gearing up for this next action-packed month of sunshine and fun! Whether you’re a parent or single or of the ‘well-seasoned’ variety, these gifts with purchase really are for everyone. Don’t let the names fool you because we’ll be sharing some tips for how people in all walks of life can use these coveted KidScents oils and products!

Before we dive in to the good stuff, here is a helpful tip to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Young Living orders. If you’re not yet enrolled in the Essential/Loyalty Rewards program, click HERE to see how you can earn points back and additional exclusive promos just for ordering each month!

Ok, now lets get to the amazing lineup you can earn for FREE this month!


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We think KidValor is a good nickname for KidPower because it’s basically the same emotional support powerhouse in a kid-friendly oil! Confidence, empowerment, and overcoming life’s day-to-day struggles, this helps you have the courage to tackle every day challenges. But guess what?! The people we know who love it the most are actually adults! It’s a great companion for Valor and it smells uh-ma-zing in the diffuser. Can we say Orange Creamcicle anyone?? Here are a few tips from YL on how you can incorporate KidPower into your oil routine:
• Empower with positivity: Diffuse KidPower before breakfast each morning to begin the day with confidence and courage.
• Inspire success: Apply KidPower on tiny wrists for an uplifting scent to carry them throughout their day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an Essential/Loyalty Rewards EXCLUSIVE oil – a little something special for the people enrolled in this great program. So we say stock up on your monthly order items plus a few summer essentials to get this amazing oil for free with your order this month! The same goes for the 400PV items below.


We have a feeling if we did a poll on how many people use Gentle Baby for their kids and how many use it just for themselves, the latter might win. It is SOOO good for skin care, for sleep, for mood support, and so much more. Diffuse it, infuse your nighttime moisturizers with it, or rub it on the bottom of the little ones’ feet before nap time or bedtime. This is a Top 10 oil for lots of oilers and we’d have to agree! Young Living suggests:
• Prepare for peaceful sleeps: Find refuge for parents and little darlings by diffusing this combination of Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and other pacifying oils.
• Indulge in heavenly hydration: Dilute one drop of Gentle Baby with one drop of carrier oil to achieve the appearance of baby-smooth skin.


Has anyone ever told you to “take a chill pill?” Well, UnWind is basically the yummy powdered version of this exact thing! It’s easy dissolve formula is the perfect addition to a nighttime routine for both kids and adults alike, especially if you’re in need of a mental pump-the-brakes moment! Here are a few more suggestions from YL:
• Ease overstimulation: Seize serenity at the end of a busy day with the supplement superstars included in Unwind.
• Whisk away worries: Use a packet of Unwind as part of a relaxing evening routine.


This is the perfect blend to comfort kids with the sniffles and keep them focused when surrounded by other kids and their germs (because only other kids have germs, right?). This is also a great chest rub for adults who don’t want to mess with DIY’ing with RC, Raven, and a carrier oil. Pre-dilution for the win! Try these other suggestions from Young Living:
• Say no way to sniffles: Save the day this school season and inspire calm breathing by inhaling the scents of SniffleEase.
• Reach for relaxation: Breathe the reassuring aromas of SniffleEase essential oil blend to find a moment of calm and comfort.


To be honest, sometimes we all revert to childhood when it comes to bedtime. Our minds race, our bodies fidget, and unless we’ve been put through the wringer that day, sleep can be elusive. The name “SleepyIze” says it all. While it’s pre-diluted for kids, it is effective for all. A few drops on the bottom of the feet or in the diffuser and everyone will be off to dreamland! Check out these other YL tips:
• Banish bedtime wiggles: Diffuse SleepyIze before bed and let the calming aromas of Lavender and Roman Chamomile surround you while you dream.
• Tend and mend muscles: Knead 2─3 drops of the pre-diluted SleepyIze blend into weary muscles and feet before bed.


Everyone gets bumps and bruises and scrapes in life, but kids just seem to get them more often. Owie is great for soothing, comforting, and helping the body during its natural healing process. It has an awesome crisp scent too if you want to mix things up and try it out in the diffuser! Here are a few more great tips from Young Living:
• Kiss carelessness goodbye: When the tears start rolling, reach for Owie’s naturally soothing blend of essential oils.

• Tackle roughhousing: Watch over your wounded by diffusing the scents of Balsam Fir, Tea Tree, and Clove infused in Owie essential oil blend.

While the KidScents oils and products are made with kids in mind, they’re formulated using the exact same oils that are in Young Living’s other blends. This means the effectiveness is still 100% there so that even if you don’t have kids, these oils and products are still for you! But if you do have kids? Well then write Young Living a thank you note because these babies are gonna be your new BFF’s! Which KidScents oil are you most looking forward to getting this month? We’d love to hear your favorite ways to use them in the comments below and wish you all a fabulous second month of summer!

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