Headed out of town? Do not forget these Essential Oils!

Headed out of town? Do not forget these Essential Oils! Summertime is finally here and the travel bug is serious for nearly everyone in the world these days. Whether you’re taking a week-long trip or simply sneaking away for an overnight adventure, we hope you’ll be sure to pack all of your Young Living essentials. 

Let’s talk a look at what we believe are some “must-have” items to include in your suitcase. 


You simply cannot survive a trip without a diffuser. From ridding hotel rooms of musty smells to ensuring you get a solid night’s rest, having a diffuser is nonnegotiable.  We like to travel with the Sweet Aroma Diffuser because it’s small, portable, and won’t break the bank if you accidentally leave it behind. We’re speaking from experience here. 


For all of our motion sick friends, you do not want to be without this oil on your travels. Simply apply to the back of your neck or sniff the scent straight from the bottle to ensure an enjoyable ride on planes, trains, and automobiles. 


New cities = new delicious foods and we want you to feel confident to indulge in all of the local cuisines. Simply take your DiGize along to help support your digestion when things don’t sit right. 

Peace and Calming

As much as we love to travel, it still comes with its stresses. Long car rides with restless kiddos or crowded airports with grumpy husbands, you’re going to want to be sure you bring all the peace and calming to huff your cares away! 


Different climates can do different things to different bodies. You will want this if your lungs aren’t liking the new air in a new climate. 

Tranquil Roller

It’s not always easy to sleep in a new, unfamiliar place. To make sure you get the best sleep possible, you’re going to want to bring this magic in a bottle or any other oil you rely on for sleep support along for the ride. 

Thieves Essential Oil

Don’t ever travel without this gem. Germs are everywhere, especially hotels, and this is going to be one of your lifesavers. Use in your diffuser and apply it to the bottom of your feet and down your spine on repeat for your entire trip. 

Thieves Spray

For all of the germs. Bring a bottle or ten with you to spray down every single public surface you come in contact with. Restrooms, shopping carts, restaurant tables, door handles, you name it. If hundreds of people have touched it before you, be sure to spray it down with Thieves!

Thieves Hand Sanitizer

And even after you sprayed the entire town in Thieves Spray, you’re still going to want to sanitize up! Be sure to bring your big bottle, you’re going to need it! 


This helps to balance your pH which is so needed, especially when you’re traveling. Take this daily to keep your tummy happy, or if you’ve indulged in the local libations (or plan to) down a dosage of this before you head to bed!


Whatever supplements you include in your daily routine, this is your friendly reminder to remember to bring them along on your travels. It’s so easy to forget them when they are tucked away in your cabinets, but continuing you take your supplements each day is so crucial to your body operating as it normally would when you’re home. 

There honestly isn’t any Young Living product we couldn’t find a use for as we travel this summer season, but these are just a few we simply cannot adventure without. 

Share more of your favorite summer travel must haves over on your Instagram and be sure to tag us, @theoilerycollective! We’re always looking for more YL travel tips to make traveling as healthy and easy as possible! 

Headed out of town? Do not forget these Essential Oils!

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