Get a Jumpstart on Back to School 

We know, we know – it feels like summer just started. But believe it or not, many districts across the country are about to start school in just a few short weeks. We want to make sure you are prepared with all the best oils and oil blends to help your kiddos (or yourself) transition from vacation mode to getting their learn on! No matter what school looks like for you and your family this school year, you’re going to want all the best tools on hand. From feeling brave to staying focused, help support your child’s learning from head to toe with Young Living products! 


Brave Roller

Encourage feelings of bravery and confidence as your child enters a brand new grade. No matter their age, a new year tends to bring about feelings of worry or fear of the unknown. Help them feel calm and confident with this simple roller recipe! In a 10ml Roller bottle add:

  • 8 drops Orange
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 8 drops Valor 

Fill with a carrier oil of your choice and shake gently to combine. Then simply apply it to their wrists and/or back of the neck so they can inhale the sweet scent as they melt any concerns away! This is also a great blend to apply on testing days or whenever worries are high.  


Wake-Up Diffuser Blend

Whether you’re sending your kids out the door each morning or gathering around the dining room table for a day of learning, be sure to have your diffuser running to start the day off right. This invigorating and fresh morning scent will surely help to wake those sleepy eyes and get everyone ready for a successful day ahead. If you’re a homeschool family or are distance learning, feel free to keep this blend pumping all day long to keep those spirits high!  

6 drops Peppermint

2 drops Lime

3 drops Bergamot 


KidScents Line of Essential Oils

It’s like Young Living knew we would need an entire line of oils to help our kids transition into a new school year. Grab the entire KidScents collection and have yourself an oily tool kit for anything the school year can throw your way! 

GeneYus – Apply this blend onto temples and wrists or throw it in the diffuser to help promote a sense of focus during study time, no matter the age! 

SniffleEase – Don’t let the sniffles keep your kiddos from their learning. Simply roll it on their chest or add it to your diffuser as needed! 

TummyGize – We also can’t have any upset tummies keeping us from learning. Have this blend on hand to apply to any upset bellies and get back to the books like nothing ever happened! 

Owie – Whether your kids make it to the playground or get a little wild with their siblings, be sure to have this blend at the ready to apply to any bumps, scrapes, and bruises they may pick up at playtime! 

SleepyIze – Help your kids get the best sleep in order to be well-rested and ready for the day ahead by adding a few drops to their diffuser each night! 


Using oils to help support your kiddos doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. With just a few seconds of intentional time oiling up, you can rest assured your kids have the support they need to tackle the books and successfully transition into a new school year! As you’re using Young Living essential oils with your kids this school year, be sure to tag us on Instagram @theoilerycollective so we can cheer you on in your efforts to provide the best learning environment yet! 

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