Gardening with Essential Oils

No matter where you live, it’s time to get to it if you’re a gardener! Frost dates are behind us in most regions and those seeds are ready to be planted. As you start to explore the best ways to protect your gardens and care for your plants, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is essential oils. But did you know that they are one of the best things you can incorporate into any home garden? Yep, it’s true! It’s simply plants helping plants and what could be better than that?? No matter what you plan to grow, essential oils can be used to help ward off unwanted insects, care for fungal disease, and so much more. 


We’ve prepared a list of our favorite essential oils to use in the garden to help you stomp out those pesky guests and produce the garden bounty of your dreams. Reach for the ones you already have in your stash or add a few to your monthly subscription and be well on your way to a glorious summer garden! 



If you’re anything like us, Peppermint would be the last oil that would deter you. But believe it or not, many pests really dislike the sweet aroma of Peppermint essential oil. Add a few drops to a glass spray bottle, mix in a dash of salt, fill with water, and give your plants a good spray. Peppermint EO will help to repel pests such as aphids, squash bugs, spiders, and many species of beetles!


Tea Tree

While we love to use Tea Tree for spot treating blemishes or supporting healthy feet, most gardeners love using it to control fungal disease in the garden. And as an added bonus, most pests seem to dislike it as well. Simply mix a generous amount of Tea Tree with water and spray down any plants in need of support! 



Stomp out weeds with the use of Clove essential oil! It’s fungicidal, insectical, and herbicidal properties help to control pests and weeds that tend to overtake your garden. Mix a few drops Clove, white vinegar, and water in a spray bottle and mist any areas in need of weed control! 



What isn’t Lavender good for really? Seriously though, it’s even a must have for every gardener. Lavender helps to repel many bugs and pests but it also works to attract bees which every garden needs for proper pollination. Add a few drops of Lavender to a spray bottle, fill with water, and spray throughout your garden to kill unwanted pests and welcome the bees to come do what they do best!



While you may be growing basil in your garden, you can also use Basil essential oil to help repel pests such as fleas, spiders, and other pesky insects. Mix with Thieves Dish Soap + water and spray down any problem areas within your garden. Not only will it leave your garden smelling fresh, it will keep your produce and flowers looking and tasting their best! 


The list of essential oils to use in your garden could go on and on, but we think this is a great place to start. All of these oils can be used throughout your home as well which makes them the most versatile options for any essential oil-loving gardener. Give them all a try in your garden or flower boxes and be sure to let us know what you think! 


If you have any other tips and tricks for using essential oils in the garden, we would love to hear them. Share your thoughts by tagging us on Instagram at @theoilerycollective and we can’t wait to see your gardens grow!

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