April Showers Bring May Flower… Diffuser Blends!

Depending on where you live, April showers may not always bring you May flowers. But regardless of your climate, we have a few floral diffusers blends that are sure to brighten your mood this spring. Floral oils are known for their ability to calm the spirit and ease the mind, so who wouldn’t want a whole house that smells of fragrant floral blends? Just ‘pick’ one of the blends below, throw it in your diffuser, and enjoy turning your home into a flower garden! 


Rose Garden

3 drops Rose 

3 drops Lavender 

2 drops Geranium 


Floral Dreams

4 drops Lavender 

3 drops Cedarwood 

3 drops Stress Away  


Spring Blossoms

4 drops Lavender 

4 drops Ylang Ylang 

3 drops Joy 


In Bloom

6 drops Joy 

4 drops Orange 


Floral + Fruity

5 drops Geranium 

3 drops Lemon 

3 drops Grapefruit 


We’re can’t wait to hear which bouquet is your favorite, so give them all a try and report back by posting your favorite blend to Instagram. Be sure to tag us @theoilerycollective and we hope these put you in an extra spring-y mood!

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