Stock up for Fall – Part 1

With the official first day of fall just days away, we’re making sure to fill our Subscribe to Save carts with some of our wellness essentials ahead of the colder seasons! If you haven’t learned by now, we’re pretty serious about our whole-body wellness game all year round. But there’s just something about these cooler months where our bodies need some extra support. We want to be prepared with the best products on the market, so are you with us? If you want to know what we’ll be stocking up on, read on! 


We love having this oil from the KidScents line on hand at all times. While it’s formulated for littles, the whole family can benefit from this amazing blend! When sneezes and sniffles hit your home, be sure to grab this invigorating, yet calming scent. Apply it to the bottoms of your feet, down your spine, or directly on your chest. We also love to diffuse SnifflEase for whole-home wellness and a relaxed, soothing atmosphere! 

Thieves Chest Rub 

This 100% plant-based alternative for over-the-counter cough and congestion relief will be your best friend this season. Trust us. It works to temporarily relieve irritations of the common cold and support healthy breathing, all while suppressing cough and irritation. Can it get any easier than that? We love the hands-free application option and the ability to use it on even our littlest family members since it’s formulated for ages 2 and up. Be sure to stock up on a few tubes this fall/winter season to be sure your whole family has respiratory relief at their fingertips! 

Inner Defense

Whatever you do, don’t find yourself without a few bottles of this super defensive supplement! With oils like Oregano, Thyme, and Thieves, Inner Defense delivers a powerful punch to offer respiratory and immune support. Pro tip: If you aren’t a fan of swallowing supplements or you’ve found this supplement to be hard on your stomach, break the capsule open and rub the contents on the bottom of your feet without missing out on the benefits! 

Super C

Everyone knows how beneficial vitamin C can be for our bodies, so you might as well make it super, right? This supplement helps to support natural immune, respiratory, and circulatory responses within your body to help keep you operating at peak function. You can grab it in capsule or chewable form to fit your individual needs as you promote overall health and wellness! 


ImmuPro is one of our most favorite supplements from Young Living! It combines naturally derived, immune-supporting Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharides with a unique blend of reishi, maitake, and agaricus blazei mushroom powders to deliver powerful antioxidant activity. We love using this supplement to promote healthy, natural sleep since it also includes melatonin. Hooray for keeping our bodies above the wellness line with this power-packed chewable! 


The initials R.C. stand for ‘respiratory care’ and that pretty much says it all! This blend contains Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (citriodora, globulus, and radiata) to provide a refreshing breathing experience anytime you are in need of extra support. We love using this oil in the diffuser as well as applying it to our chests with a carrier oil for an invigorating and energizing feeling. It’s a great oil to keep handy during workouts too to keep those airways happy while you sweat!

With so many incredible options for keeping families above the wellness line, we have to break it down into two parts. While you get these essentials added to your Subscribe to Save order this month, be sure to check back for Part 2 for more great products to support your health this fall season!

We’d also love to hear what products you’ll stocking up on for whole-home wellness this season. Share your favorites on Instagram and be sure to tag us @theoilerycollective! So grateful for a company committed to keeping us stocked up and healthy all year round! 

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