Essential Oils + Meditation

It’s no secret that 2020 has been hard on the entire world. As the year comes to a close, rather than shoving it out the door and begging it never to return, we’ve decided to grab some of our favorite essential oils and a quiet space for a little meditation to peacefully welcome in a new year with new opportunities. If you’d like to join us, grab a comfy seat, and put some of our ideas into practice! 


First things, first. Grab your favorite relaxing oils. For us, we’ll be reaching for some of our favorites: 


+Peace and Calming

+ Stress Away


+Sacred Mountain 

+White Angelica 


Next, you’re going to want to be sure to find a quiet space without any distractions. We can’t be peacefully clearing our minds while the kids are begging for more macaroni, so even if that means retreating to the car for a few minutes, get somewhere without noise or distraction. 


Now it’s time to bust out your oils and apply them to your body. A great place to apply essential oils for mediation is to your chakra points along your body, but if you’re unfamiliar with those, you can simply drop a few drops in the palm of your hand, massage or your neck and chest, and inhale the calming scent.  Take some time to just sit with your favorite scents and let your mind + body connect to help you relax! It’s been a long year, so we totally get it if you stay here for a bit! 


To fully be present in your meditation, you’re going to have to let go of that idea that you need to be doing something. Meditating is simply the act of pondering without action, so give yourself permission to simply sit and “be.”


We’re no meditation experts, so we aren’t here to give you the proper terms or techniques, we simply want to offer you thoughts to meditate on as you incorporate your oils and prepare for a new year. To truly get into meditation we encourage you to seek an expert! 


As you sit, fully present with the calming scents of your essential oils, we encourage you to think about some of the following things:

+What 2020 has given you? Maybe that’s more time with family or a new career, whatever it is, simply focus on what it has given rather than what it has taken away. 

+What has 2020 taught you? What is something you have learned this year that you didn’t know before?

+How can you use the events of 2020 to push you forward in 2021? Is there anything you plan to do differently?

+What are you looking forward to in the new year? A fresh start always feels good! What are you excited about? 

+What will you do differently in 2021? Will you introduce new routines or incorporate more meditation?


Each time you meditate on a new thought, apply and inhale more of your essential oils to help connect your mind, body, and spirit as you usher out 2020 and calmly welcome in 2021. Essential oils are so helpful for cleansing the mind and focusing on relaxation. Something we all could use more of in 2021! Be sure to tell us how you’re incorporating oils into your meditation and thoughtful routines by tagging us over on Instagram @theoilerycollective! We can’t wait to see what kind of peaceful activity you’re up to! 

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