Tips for Using and Loving Essential Oils

Using essential oils was never meant to be hard or confusing. We want you to feel empowered to use your oils with excitement and confidence, so let’s take a look at some tidbits and truths that will have you oiling like a pro! 


Keep it cool

Essential oils are naturally-occurring compounds, so you want to be sure you’re keeping them oils in a cool, dry place to preserve their quality. But don’t panic – they aren’t like a good wine, so you don’t need a temperature controlled space or anything that crazy! We like to keep ours in drawers, cabinets, and shelves out of direct sunlight. When making rollers or your own blends, be sure to use blue or amber glass bottles to help keep your oils from spoiling in direct light. Oh and fun fact: essential oils don’t have an expiration date, so proper storage means they will last for a very long time. Always “keep it cool” and you’ll be good to go!


Stay Glassy

Plants are powerful, friends. And because Young Living’s essential oils contain only the essential oils from plants, our oils are powerful too! Their high concentration of plant extracts make it important to carefully consider the containers you use when using and storing oils. It is a great rule of thumb to not use plastic containers with your oils unless they are specifically intended for essential oils. We recommend always using glass or stainless steel containers to ensure no toxins commonly found in plastic can be leached from the material. This is especially important to remember when using citrus oils to add a flavor boost to your water. Never use a plastic or styrofoam cup to make sure you avoid any of those toxins contaminating your drink. So stay “glassy” and just skip the plastic all together!


Actions and reactions

If you are taking prescription medications, it is always advised to speak with your doctor about any possible drug interactions that could take place. Typically, using most high-quality essential oils with prescription medications isn’t an issue, but you should always do your research and include your doctor in the conversation to be sure. This is especially true for oils like Grapefruit if you’re taking medications to control blood pressure.


Soak up some rays…or maybe don’t 

Many essential oils and blends may cause photosensitivity which simply means the sun is more attracted to them. If you are outside, you want to be sure you haven’t recently applied a photosensitive oil to any skin that is exposed to direct sunlight. If you have, just be sure to keep that area of your body covered and protected. A great rule of thumb is to just apply photosensitive oils at night! So which oils cause photosensitivity, you ask? Good question. Citrus oils are the main ones, so be sure to avoid application of any citrus oil or blend containing a citrus oil when spending time in the sun. All of Young Living’s essential oils that can cause photosensitivity are properly labeled, so always read the labels before applying an oil topically!  


Lock ’em up 

Okay, maybe you don’t have to get that crazy, but some essential oils and essential oil blends contain oils that you want to keep out of reach from your little oilers. This isn’t because there is anything ‘unsafe’ in them, but rather because some oils contain natural properties that are not suited for small bodies, especially in large quantities. These oils will be easy to spot as they will include a child safety cap. A few examples of essential oils with these protective caps are Wintergreen, Raven, Hyssop, PanAway, Cool Azul, and Exodus II. It’s always a good idea to read labels and usage recommendations before using your oils, but especially with these type of oils and small children.   


Lay it on thick

Some oils, like Vetiver for example, are super viscous. This is a fancy science word that just means they have a thicker, syrup-like consistency. As you can imagine, it makes it a little trickier to dispense oils like this from the bottle. But have no fear because we have a few super simple tricks that can help! Simply hold the bottle tightly in your hand for a few minutes until you have “warmed it up” enough for it to drop out more easily. If you’re in a hurry or you have an oil that’s really thick, try using a toothpick to help “pull” the oil out of the dropper lid! As you get and use more oils, you’ll notice that some oils come out super fast and others drop out more slowly. This is totally normal and is all dependent on the original plant components! 


Labels are your friend

When in doubt, read your labels. It sounds simple, but Young Living really does a great job of ensuring we know exactly how to use our oils based on the information printed on each and every label. Ingredients and proper usage can always be found on the bottle label and we can’t stress enough how important it is to read them for yourself! When considering using essential oils as a dietary supplement, look for the white Vitality labels to know with confidence that they are safe for internal use. As a note, all of Young Living’s Vitality oils come in a regularly-labeled option for either topical or aromatic use (or both). There is absolutely no difference in the oil itself between the two bottles; the Vitality line is simply labeled for safe, internal use!


“Paws” to protect your pets

One of the most common questions we get is, “Are essential oils safe for use with or around my pets?” We know your fur babies are super special members of your family, so it’s important that you have confidence in having essential oils in your home if you have pets. Check out this informative blog post straight from Young Living for all of the best information on using essential oils with our animal loves:


Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Babies, and Children – Oh My!

Wondering how you can use essential oils safely with your babies, children, and/or during pregnancy? Check out all of our best tips in this recent blog post all about this important topic HERE!


As you continue to use and love your essential oils, you’ll find that there is always something new to learn. We hope you’ll always trust The Oilery to help you do exactly that!


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