Get Cozy With Essential Oils

It’s finally cozy season! And I think we can all agree that we deserve to spend the rest of the year cozied up with a good book, a warm blanket, our favorite treat, and the best diffuser blends. Amen? 


Our tips for staying cozy this season:


+Grab a warm cozy blanket to always have on hand. 

+Invest in fleece lines slippers or fuzzy socks. 

+Bring your winter sweaters out of storage. 

+Hit up your local library or book store for your favorite books. 

+Keep Hallmark movies running on repeat.

+Stock up on your favorite hot beverage. 

+Fill your pantry with all the best baking staples. 

+Grab your diffuser and a handful of oils and diffuse 24/7


When you’re in need of a good rest and some relaxation, reach for one or all of the tips above and dramatically increase your joy + happiness! Trust us, it’s proven science. Or something. 


We hope this serves as your one-stop-shop for the best diffuser blends of the season and gives you a few ideas to up your cozy game and get comfortable in your favorite spot in the house! 


Let’s take a peek at our top three blends, shall we?


Sweater Weather


5 drops Orange

4 drops Thieves

2 drops Cedarwood


Grab your favorite sweater, a warm drink, your favorite diffuser, and cozy on up by the fire with this delicious blend of citrus and spice. Bonus points if you treat yourself to a brand new cozy sweater this season because you sure do deserve it! 


Cozy Blanket


4 drops Bergamot

3 drops Stress Away

3 drops Orange


Pull out your favorite cozy blanket, grab a good book, and plug in your diffuser as you drift off to a tropical location. In your mind of course. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a tropical location, then, by all means, take this delicious blend to the beach and enjoy! 


Falling Snow


4 drops Nothern Lights Black Spruce

3 drops Peppermint

2 drops Orange

2 drops Cedarwood 


Nothing calls for a cozy session by the fire more than a wonderland of falling snow outside your door. But if you live in an area without the magic of snowflakes, cling to this warm diffuser blend and drift off to a winter wonderland in your mind. 


Once you assume the cozy position, be sure to snap a picture and tag as @theoilycollective so we can cheer you on in your rest and relaxation! We can’t wait to see which blend you choose!


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