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May’s Gift With Purchase

MAY we have your attention please? {see what we did there?} While we’re enjoying the joys of spring and summer is impatiently waiting for her turn to shine, it’s the perfect time to start growing in

April’s Gift With Purchase

Well we ain’t foolin’ – April’s free Gifts With Purchase are no joke! Formerly the monthly PV promotions, these freebies just got a name upgrade and are better than ever (in our humble opinion). If

March PV Promos

Spring is coming and we’re sooo excited! We love the month of March because we’re FINALLY on the tail end of winter weather and just love seeing nature wake up from its slumber. It always feels

February PV Promos

February: the month of love. There is literally tons of great info out there about how oils can make that “special time” with your partner oh so much better, but we think it’s important to

January PV Promos

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We did it, friends – we made it to January and are FINALLY done with 2020. Whew! And oh, what glorious possibilities lie ahead! We don’t know about you, but we always

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