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Scents Of Summer

Sweet summertime is finally in the air! Can’t you just smell it? The freshly cut grass, the warm sea breeze, the budding flowers – the list really could go on and on. We simply love the

Gardening with Essential Oils

No matter where you live, it’s time to get to it if you’re a gardener! Frost dates are behind us in most regions and those seeds are ready to be planted. As you start to

April Showers Bring May Flower… Diffuser Blends!

Depending on where you live, April showers may not always bring you May flowers. But regardless of your climate, we have a few floral diffusers blends that are sure to brighten your mood this spring. Floral

Plants Helping Plants

It’s no secret that essential oils can be used to help nourish and support our bodies, but did you know that the same can be true for your plants? Really! Just like our bodies, plants need

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint, Oh My!

We don’t know about you, but as everything springs to life this time of year, we start to feel those seasonal tickles in our noses and throats. If you’re like us, they can drive you

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