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Let’s chat about an Essential oil called Peppermint Vitality!

Another day, another essential oil to highlight and this one is truly one of our favorites! There are a few oils that we always suggest you never be without and this is one of those

Here are answers to your top Young Living questions

We get it. Using essential oils comes with a lot of questions when you’re first starting out! That’s totally normal and we never want your questions to keep you from trying what we believe to

Lets talk about the Essential Oil called Valor 

With over 200 essential oil blends and singles to choose from, how could you possibly know what oil to use for what need? Well, that’s where we come in! Each month, we highlight one of our

Let’s talk about the Essential oil called Stress Away

With over 200 essential oil blends and singles to choose from, it feels nearly impossible to know how to use each and every oil, but that’s where we come in! Each month, we will be

Essential Oil 101 Spring Refresh: Benefits of Diffusing

We constantly hear people say, “I want to try using essential oils, but I don’t need a diffuser.”  Today let’s talk about Essential Oil 101 Spring Refresh: Benefits of Diffusing!   Well, let us just

Essential Oils 101 Spring Refresh: A Must-Have Trio

 We don’t know about you, but this time of year, as everything springs to life, we start to feel those seasonal tickles that drive us all crazy. Over the years we have reached for everything

Essential Oil 101 Spring Refresh: Using Your Essential Oils

With so many ways to use and love Young Living oils, we always love to share an intro to essential oils refresh from time to time. Whether you’re brand new to exploring the idea of

Diffuser Recipes to Aid in April Showers

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers,” but what happens when those same showers make our homes feel dark and dreary? We think we can all agree that we are grateful for Springtime to

Switch and Ditch to Cut Toxins

Rounding out our theme of Spring cleaning with natural products, we can’t forget to mention the toxins lurking in the products we use to keep our homes smelling fresh. Two of the biggest culprits? Air fresheners

Lucky and in Love

Happy first day of March! We don’t know about you, but we simply love this time of year! With the official start of Spring just a few weeks away, we love to see everything come

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