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Share the Love: Diffuser Edition

What better way to show your friends and family that you love them than by filling your home with the sweet scents of essential oils? Diffusing is one of our favorite ways to use our

For the Love of Essential Oils

It’s nearly impossible to think of the month of February and not think about love. Are we right? Is it your first thought too? And so it only feels fitting to chat about our love for

February PV Promos

February: the month of love. There is literally tons of great info out there about how oils can make that “special time” with your partner oh so much better, but we think it’s important to

Take Care of the Skin You’re In!

It’s wintertime and while not everyone in the world experiences cold, snowy days that crack our skin and leave it dry, we’re willing to bet nearly everyone experiences a decline in their skincare in this

Diffuser Blends to Promote Positivity

Pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 had moments where positivity wasn’t exactly the first thing on our minds, right? But with a new year and new perspectives, we think a few positive vibes

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