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Fall In Love With Essential Oil DIY

Fall is officially upon us and we don’t know about you, but we’re ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice! One thing we love about having essential oils at our disposal is the ability to

Oils + Our Four-Legged Friends

“Are essential oils safe for my pets?” It’s a question we hear over and over again and it makes total sense. We use essential oils to help support our bodies, so why wouldn’t we want

Fall Is In The Air

With many people experiencing their final days of summer vacation, we are officially declaring this day the first day of fall diffuser blend season! #sorrynotsorry  Yes, we know it’s still technically summer, but that end-of-summer

September PV Promos

Why wait until 2021 to set new goals? Fall is here, so let’s start something new! First on your autumnal to-do list: trade your everyday household items for nature’s best. And when you need those

Mind, Body, & Spirit: Yoga Flow With Essential Oils

While the practice itself has been around for centuries, yoga has become increasingly popular in mainstream culture in recent years. The same can be said for the use of essential oils. Coincidence? We think not!

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