Become an Expert Diffuser User! 

If you’re anything like us, you know how amazing diffusing essential oils can be! If you’ve never gotten into the joys of diffusing in your home, we’d love to convince you to give it a try for a variety of reasons:

1. It is super easy to do!

2. You can enjoy yummy scents without the harsh toxins in traditional candles and sprays!

3. Everyone in the room can benefit from our oil’s amazing properties at the same time!

Diffusing essential oils can promote better sleep, boost energy levels, elevate mood, improve cognitive function, combat airborne illness, repel unwanted bugs + insects, and so much more. Our brain is hardwired to respond to aroma as it stimulates a number of responses in our bodies. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful senses!

But what makes it so easy?

Well all you have to do is add water! That’s right, you just need to fill your diffuser with water (more on the importance of water in just a bit), add your essential oils, turn that puppy on, and enjoy. Easy peasy!

Why does water matter?

Now this is definitely an important note. While you can use any water in your diffuser and it will work, using the recommended water type will help with the longevity and function of your diffuser. You’ll want to check your diffuser’s manual for the type of water to use, but typically distilled water is best. It won’t grow bacteria as it sits out like tap water will and it also won’t leave mineral residue buildup in your diffusers!

Okay, but how many drops is enough?

We think a great rule of thumb is to use 2 drops of essential oils for every ounce of water! So if you are using 5 ounces of water, we would diffuse 10 drops of essential oil. We are “heavy diffusers” in our homes and we like to add a lot of drops, but go with what your family and senses like. If you feel like a scent is too strong or not strong enough, feel free to play around with the number of drops you are using. Remember when diffusing for babies or pets, be sure to diffuse in a large space and lesson the number of drops you’d normally use. One to two drops of oil will still benefit them greatly! Note: With pets especially, you never want to keep them trapped in a room with oils diffusing if they want to leave.

Now a little science lesson – have you ever felt like some oils you diffuse don’t smell as strong or last as long as others? It has to do with the amount of monoterpenes or sesquiterpenes in the formula of the oil. In layman’s terms, we like to call them base notes, middle notes, and top notes which you may have heard of in reference to things like perfumes or colognes. The lower the note, the stronger and longer-lasting the scent! If you are diffusing a top note and want to smell it more strongly, add a base note to help intensify the scent. Have no fear, however, because even if those top notes don’t smell super strong when diffusing, the benefits are still there and super powerful! Here are a few examples of each of the different notes:

Base Notes






Middle Notes



+Ylang Ylang

+Tea Tree


Top Notes






If you aren’t already diffusing in your home, we hope this encourages you to start. If you are an avid diffuser, keep up the good work and continue to explore new blends. People always ask us the best way to grow their diffuser collection and our answer is always the same: snag another Premium Starter Kit. The price is discounted so much that you’re nearly getting a restock of your oils for free! We would be more than happy to chat about your options with you when you’re ready to start growing your collection and become a true diffuser user expert, so follow us on Instagram @theoilerycollective for more great oil info!

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