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As we rapidly approach the 2020-2021 school year, there are still sooo many things up in the air for sooo many schools, districts, and families. Whether your kiddos are headed back to a physical school location, starting the year with another round of online learning, or homeschooling completely, these must-have education essentials will help your family transition back into another year of growth and learning! Help your kids feel strong, confident, alert, and ready for the school days ahead with a few staples from your growing Young Living stash. If you don’t already have these oils and products on hand, be sure to add them to your Young Living cart soon so they arrive before you get back to the books! 


Brave Roller

Encourage feelings of bravery and confidence as your child enters a brand new grade. With their education looking completely different than it has in the past, there may be feelings of worry or fear creeping up in their little brains. Help them feel calm and confident with this simple roller recipe! In a 10ml roller bottle, add:

    • 8 drops Orange
    • 5 drops Frankincense
    • 8 drops Valor 


Fill the remainder with a carrier oil of your choice (Young Living’s V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex is our fav) and shake gently to combine. Then roll on your little ones’ wrists and back of their necks and allow them to inhale the sweet scent as they melt any concerns away!   


Wake-Up Diffuser Blend

Whether you’re sending your kids out the door each morning or gathering around the dining room table for a day of learning, be sure to have your diffuser running to start your day off right. This invigorating, fresh morning scent is sure to help to wake those sleepy eyes and get everyone ready for a successful day ahead! Simply fill your favorite diffuser with water and add:

    • 6 drops Peppermint EO
    • 2 drops Lime EO
    • 3 drops Bergamot EO 


And if you find yourself learning at home this year, feel free to keep this blend pumping all day long to keep those spirits high! 



It’s no secret that we are a bit obsessed with Young Living’s line of supplements, especially since several of them are actually great for kids too! MindWise just happens to be one of them and it’s perfect to have on hand when preparing for learning. It supports brain function along with cognitive health and -bonus!- it also is great for your cardiovascular system, too! Children age 4-12 can take 1-2 teaspoons once daily, but we also love the individual sachet option for ease of use for ages 12 and up.


Time to Focus

If you need a little extra help keeping those little minds on task, there are a few oils we suggest having on hand. Try combining equal amounts of Cedarwood, Vetiver, Lavender, Brain Power, and Clarity into a roller or use them in your diffuser to help boost concentration.


KidScents Line of Essential Oils

It’s like Young Living knew we would need an entire line of oils to help our kids transition into this crazy new school year, right? We suggest grabbing the entire KidScents collection so you have an oily tool kit for anything your little darlings throw your way! 

  • GeneYus – Apply this blend onto temples and wrists or throw it in the diffuser to help promote a sense of focus during study time for kids of all ages! 
  • SniffleEase – Don’t let the sniffles keep your kiddos from their learning. We love to pop a roller fitment on the top of the bottle to easily roll on chest and backs to ease respiratory issues. It’s a great one to add to your diffuser as well!
  • TummyGize – We also can’t have any upset tummies keeping us from getting our learn on. Have this blend on hand to apply to any upset bellies so you can get back to the books like nothing ever happened!
  • Owie – Whether your kids make it to the playground or get a little wild with their siblings, be sure to have this blend at the ready to apply over any bumps, scrapes, and bruises they may pick up during playtime!
  • SleepyIze – Help your kids get a great night of sleep so they’ll be well-rested and ready for the learning day ahead. Add a few drops to their diffuser each night or apply on the back of the neck/bottom of feet to help them drift off to dreamland!


With just a few key Young Living products, you can help to prepare your kids for a fresh start in a brand new school year no matter what that may look like for your family. Don’t forget that learning can happen anywhere, so be sure to always have your oils on hand to help get the most out of each and every day! 

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