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It may be April Fools Day, but there are no tricks, jokes, or pranks here – just a fresh collection of oils and products that will make your April brighter. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also see the return of the 100 PV Gift With Purchase!! We don’t know about you, but that sure puts a ‘spring’ in our step!

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Ok, now on to the spectacular lineup you can earn for FREE this month!


Everyone welcome back the 100 PV reward! And what a great oil for spring. Lemon is great for those spring cleaning needs, with Lavender and Peppermint for seasonal needs, or combine it with Grapefruit and Peppermint Vitality as part of your weight loss regimen! Lemon is fresh, bright, and something we all use often. What a great reintroduction to the 100 PV Gift With Purchase!
• A clean sweep. Diffuse Lemon to neutralize unwanted odors.
• Clean start. Use a drop of Lemon to remove sticky, gummy residues.


Everyone needs at least one bottle of Purification in the house at all times. Stinky shoes from everyone running in the spring rain? Purification! Spring cleaning? A couple drops of Purification in some baking soda, put it in a shaker, and use it as a carpet freshener. If you need to purify the air or reboot the emotions, Purification has great cleansing power.
• Clean and clear. Purification cleanses the air of unwanted odors.
• Clear the air. This proprietary blend freshens musty and stale areas with its clean, invigorating scent.


Grab this bottle of Peppermint, get a glass spray bottle, combine 10-15 drops with water, shake, and spray wherever the pests might try to get in the house. ‘Tis the season for spiders. Plus, with Lemon and Peppermint in the Gifts with Purchase, just grab a bottle of Lavender and you’ve got the seasonal trio right there!
• A fresh start. Put a few drops in your hands and inhale when in a rut during your day.
• Boost. Diffuse in the morning with Tangerine for a fresh start to your day.


Tangerine has to be one of the more underrated citrus oils, but nothing helps brighten a day quite like Tangerine in the diffuser! It calms the nerves and helps keep sadness at bay. Try it in place of Bergamot every once in a while or combine the two with complimentary scents and watch your whole household slowly start to smile. Plus, Tangerine comes as a Vitality option – same oil as what’s in this 15ml and helps support so much in our bodies including the digestive system, brain health, overall immune system support and more!
• Odor out. Diffuse Tangerine’s bright aroma to refresh the air and remove odors.
• Power up. Add it to your cleaning solutions for a boost of aroma and cleaning power.


For that “creepy crawler” spray we talked about earlier or a room spray, this bottle is perfect for making whatever scent you want as a room spray! You can’t go wrong with any of the oils in this batch of Gifts With Purchase as part of a room spray, especially this next one.
• Capture the scent of spring. This 250 ml amber glass bottle with a spritzer spray top allows you to put your favorite essential oils to work to create your own unique room spray.


What a perfect starting blend for a fresh, bright room spray! It’s uplifting, helps cleanse the air of unwanted odors, improves moods, and so much more. Lemon Myrtle, Spearmint, Eucalyptus Globulus, Ylang Ylang, and Lemon might be your next favorite combo. We love that almost every bottle of oil we get this month is 15ml!
• Staying positive. Diffuse this fresh blend throughout your home to create a positive atmosphere.
• Sweep out odors. Lushious Lemon features Lemon Myrtle essential oil, known for its odor-neutralizing properties.

PINE 15ML (300 PV)

There are some really interesting studies out there regarding Pine oil. We recommend doing a deep dive into some of them and seeing what it’s good for. One thing that it sometimes gets overlooked for is how it can help us emotionally. Wood oils are very good for calming and centering. Combine it with citrus oils for a fresh twist on a walk in the woods or add a couple drops to your calming/sleep diffuser blend.
• In with the good. Diffuse and/or apply Pine topically to enhance a deep breathing experience.
• Forest fresh. Use Pine in DIY cleaning products for a fresh, sparkling home.


A healthy gut is so important for so many areas of our health including mentally and emotionally. Adding a probiotic is a big key to maintaining a healthy gut. Life 9 has 17 billion live cultures from nine beneficial bacteria strains to support healthy immune function, maintain optimal metabolism, and promote normal intestinal function. You will notice a big difference once you add this to your daily regimen.
• Healthy and happy. Life 9 supports healthy immune function.
• Balanced. Life 9 also promotes healthy digestion.

Before we go, try these fav room spray recipes with your freebies this month! Simply add these to your new spray bottle and then top with distilled water or half water, half witch hazel if you prefer!

FRESH: 15 drops Purification, 15 drops Lemon
SLEEPY: 15 drops Tangerine, 15 drops Pine
FRESH LAUNDRY: 20 drops Lavender, 5 drops Lushious Lemon

So who’s excited?! We hope your spring is in full swing and that this month brings refreshing feelings of new growth all around, friends!

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