Kendra Villarreal

Kendra Villarreal


I’m Kendra Villarreal! I am wifey to David, stepmama to Devin (19) and Nico (16), and furmama to my Amercian Bulldog, Cyrus. I’ve always known about the power of essential oils as it related to skin and skincare treatment since I’ve been an esthetician for 11 years. What I didn’t know was the amazing effects they have on our other body systems as well!

In 2015, I hopped into the Young Living world because I was having some female issues. Let’s just say the conventional option I was given was not an option for me. So there I was. . . stuck.  With what I thought was no options, I began to connect that if oils work for our integumentary system, they must work for our other body systems too. And they do!!  Using oils had such a positive effect with the issues I was dealing with and now we use them and other Young Living products daily in our home. There is literally an oil for everything such as pre- and post-workout support, energy, emotional well-being, body aches, head tension, and restful sleep just to name a few!

I truly believe Young Living essential oils are a necessity in every household and they have been such a blessing for us! They are a tool in our wellness toolboxes and it’s great to have options so you never have to feel stuck like I did.  Just like my friend introduced me to these little gems, I’d love to help you learn more!  Feel free to connect with me on Facebook by clicking HERE with any questions you may have.

I always recommend getting started the same way I did – with the Premium Starter Kit.  It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!  Click HERE to become a Young Living Wholesale Member and order your Premium Starter Kit.  Here are step-by-step directions to help you get started:


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