Heather W. Clark

Heather W Clark


I am a beautiful mess…no questions asked! ¬†I am a mom of two gorgeous kids, a wife to the #1 husband on the planet, a Sales Engineer by trade, an owner of a well-established photography business, and I LOVE ESSENTIAL OILS! They don’t call them essential for nothing. ūüėČ

I discovered essential oils in 2013 at a time when my youngest was extremely sick with just about everything imaginable –¬†the poor baby was pitiful. We just needed that boost of essential goodness in our lives to make it all better. I am so thankful God answered my prayers with RC and Thieves!

Since then, I’ve¬†never looked back. Come join with me and let me show you the way – you’ll be so glad you did! ¬†Please click¬†HERE to connect with me on Facebook with any questions you may have so you, too, can experience these life-changing oils.

I always recommend getting started the same way I did¬†‚Ästwith the Premium Starter Kit. ¬†It‚Äôs the best way to get introduced to some¬†of¬†the most popular¬†oils for¬†a great¬†price! ¬†Click¬†HERE¬†to become a Young Living Wholesale Member and¬†order your Premium Starter Kit. ¬†Here are¬†step-by-step directions¬†to help you get started:


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