Heather Vongsavanh


Hi!  I’ve been using Young Living Essential Oils since April of 2014. I have been searching for alternatives in dealing with severe headaches for over twenty years. I did not like how what I had been using made me feel. After getting married and starting a family, I realized that I could not continue down this path. Over the last nine years, I have gradually changed to a more organic and green lifestyle. I’ve kicked conventional foods, cleaners, and beauty products to the curb. After using other brand of essential oils with no luck and through the advice of a dear friend, I decided to try Young Living. Young Living’s Peppermint essential oil can usually kick my headache on the first application. Even though I can be a skeptic, I am constantly amazed by all the oily testimonies I read and hear. I love that there are so many oils that can help me and my family without all the nasty side effects. Because my fascination with science propels me to want to learn more on how these little drops have such an impact on so many, I feel that education is the key to a great oily life.  Feel free to contact me to learn more!

I always recommend getting started the same way I did – with the Premium Starter Kit.  It’s the best way to get introduced to some of the most popular oils for a great price!  Click HERE to become a Young Living Wholesale Member and order your Premium Starter Kit.  Here are step-by-step directions to help you get started: