Danielle Hurtado


Welcome! My name is Danielle and I’m a busy mom of two – Sebastian who is 4 and Maya who is 1 ½.  I’m also a part-time nurse in obstetrics with Scripps. I’m originally a New Yorker, but now happily transplanted to southern California with my salsa dancing buddy and spouse, Victor.

Having kids has been such a blessing, but I never realized the stress and intensity of it all! Shortly after my son was born, I began suffering from debilitating headaches. I was beginning to get fed up with my inability to find relief with traditional remedies! Essential oils have helped me tremendously and I have found them a great help in tension relief and relaxation. The challenge of getting a good night’s rest is another issue, but a little Peace and Calming essential oil on the kids ensures a better night’s rest for us all!  My husband and I have Valor diffusing in our bedroom and the heavenly scent helps us have a restful night.  Moms know that with little ones come all kinds of sniffles and coughs.  Thieves and Purification have been my saving grace in the three short months I’ve been using them!  I can’t believe the difference in my son’s health in comparison to last year! He now asks me to put “that oily stuff” on his nose because he knows it makes a difference!

As a nurse, I see the need for us to go back to natural remedies when it comes to our bodies.  There are so many toxins we are exposed to everyday.  I’ve made it a personal goal to use the natural route for the sake of my family this year, all with the help of my Young Living oils!

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