Christine Bizier

Christine Bizier


Hi! My name is Christine Bizier and I definitely have a gypsy/hippie soul. ¬†Other than oils, the sun, sand, ocean, forests, camp fires, hanging out with my friends and family, travel adventures, helping others, reading inspirational books, quiet time, yin yoga, meditation/chanting, cuddling with my fur babies, sunsets, Oprah chai latte and rainbows all feed that part of who I am! ūüôā

I am also addicted to essential oils.  As a mom and wife, I love using my oils everyday. I also love to share my passion with my family, friends, and clients. I own a holistic spa with my mother and we incorporate essential oils into our practice of hot stone massage therapy, reflexology, Reiki, and energy healing work.

Please feel free to connect with¬†me on Facebook¬†with any questions you may have by clicking HERE – I would love to help! ūüôā

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