Relax cream for the sanity win!

“Rest while you can because once you have kids, you’ll never rest again!”  Yeah, we now know why that saying exists – the words ‘rest’ and ‘parenthood’ don’t usually go hand in hand, right?  Especially if we said good rest!  If you have kiddos that have a hard time unwinding, you NEED to try this relax cream recipe. One of our members, Madison V., recently posted an excellent write-up about how she uses this cream in her home.  We’re not kidding when we tell you this stuff works. Like, for real!


Relax Cream Recipe



  1. Whip ingredients together using a hand mixer and store in a glass jar
  2. Apply like lotion.  For babies under 6 months, apply essential oils only on the feet.  However, you can use aromatically at any age by simply putting a few drops of each of the three listed oils above in your favorite essential oils diffuser!


For ease of use, you can make the cream as a roll-on instead by filling an empty roller bottle halfway with vitamin E oil. Then fill the rest of the way with equal parts lavender, peace & calming, and valor essential oils.  And there you have it – peaceful, sleeping babes and rested parents.  Sweet dreams and you’re welcome!  🙂  To read more about our member, Madison, check it out her blog HERE.  Thanks for sharing!