White Fir essential oil is currently only available as part of the August promotion!  It has a woodsy, evergreen aroma and is primarily used to ease overworked and aching muscles/joints. White Fir is often diffused, applied to the free online dating india hyderabad, or applied to the area of concern.  It can be found in AromaGuard Mountain Mint Deodorant®, Australian Blue™, Grounding™, Highest Potential™, Into the Future™, and Oola Grow. 

Extraction Method:  Steam distilled from wood/bark/twigs/needles

Common Uses:  Supports and aids in healthy lung function, aids a healthy immune system

How to Use:  Topical: Apply 2-4 drops on location, chakras, and/or Vita Flex points.  Aromatic: Inhale directly or diffuse.  Click HERE to read more about essential oils safety prior to use.

*Information obtained from The Essential Oils Desk Reference: 2013 Convention Edition, Life Science Publishing